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What is a carplay adapter?

Our factory-produced CarPlay is an advanced in-car entertainment system designed to provide an excellent driving experience. CarPlay can seamlessly connect with iPhone, bringing iPhone applications, navigation, music, communication and other functions into the car through the vehicle's display screen and control buttons. Users can operate it using voice control, touch screen and physical buttons of the vehicle, achieving a safer and more convenient driving experience.

CarPlay adopts the latest intelligent in-car technology and has powerful navigation functions. Users can use Apple Maps or other third-party navigation applications to obtain real-time traffic information, navigation instructions, and Estimated Time of Arrival. In addition, CarPlay also supports in-car phone function. Users can make phone calls and answers through voice commands or touch screens, achieving hands-free calls.

Our factory-produced CarPlay also has rich entertainment functions. Users can play their favorite music, podcasts, and radio programs through CarPlay, enjoying high-quality audio experience. In addition, CarPlay is compatible with popular music and entertainment applications, and users can select and play their favorite content through touch screen or voice control.

CarPlay focuses on safety and provides drivers with a safer way to use mobile phone functions. By integrating iPhone functions with the vehicle's control system, drivers can focus more on the road and traffic. CarPlay can also receive and send messages, convert message content into voice, and help drivers reply through voice assistants to reduce distractions while driving.

In short, CarPlay produced by our factory is an advanced in-car entertainment system that provides drivers with rich functions and convenient operation methods through seamless connection with iPhone. It not only provides intelligent navigation, music playback, and communication functions, but also focuses on safety, creating a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for drivers.
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Our factories, technicians, service personnel, production plants, etc.

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carplay adapter for automotive supplies

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carplay adapter for automotive supplies

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Our factories, technicians, service personnel, production plants

Welcome to our production workshop, where we take pride not only in delivering exceptional products but also in providing outstanding service and supply chain advantages. Here are four prominent advantages in our service and supply commitments:

  • Customized Customer Service

  • Timely Delivery Assurance

  • Exemplary After-Sales Service

  • Flexible Supply Chain Solutions


Company Profile

Shenzhen Boyi Electronics Co.,LTD.,founded in 2012, is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design,research and development, production and sales of mobile phone accessories and consumer electronic products. The company currently specializes in the production of audio cable, adapter,HUB watch wireless charging hub, carplay and other mobile phone computer peripheral accessories Has a strong R& D capability and rich production experience at present the company plant covers an area of more than 6500 square meters, the number of employees 280 people.The company has the industry's advanced high-precision testing and manufacturing equipment; Modern, high quality, high level, the courage to forge ahead with professional technology, management personnel, for the company's development has established a good foundation

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Our exhibition serves not only as a platform for product showcases but also as a crucial venue for fostering global industry exchange and collaboration. Whether you come from any corner of the world, you are welcome to join our community and contribute to shaping a future filled with collaborative opportunities. The exhibition photos offer just a glimpse; we look forward to welcoming you in person to witness this international event!
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Patents and certificates

Our certifications and patented technologies include but are not limited to:
1.ISO Quality Management System Certification: Demonstrating our excellence in quality management and production standards.
2.CE Certification: Confirming that our products comply with European safety and environmental requirements.
3.UL Certification: Providing reliable regulatory compliance for the sale of our products in the North American market.
Through continual investment in research and development and rigorous quality control, we offer customers unprecedented innovation and quality assurance backed by unique patented technologies and international certifications. Choose us for excellence. Choose innovation.

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